Nyborg Cykler works smarter with Bikedesk

Not far from H.C. Andersen’s Odense, you will find one of the oldest cities in Denmark: Nyborg. Here, you’ll find a nice, little, family-owned bike shop called Nyborg Cykler.
Nyborg Bike Shop uses Bikedesk as POS system

The bike shop’s two owners, Thomas and Nicolaj, are cousins and they share a deep passion for bicycles and cycling. 

This shared enthusiasm inspired them to establish their very own bike shop, offering a wide range of products, from regular bicycles to high-performance road bikes and bicycle accessories.

Stepping into their shop is like immersing yourself in a world of love and passion for cycling. Alongside the array of bikes and gear, you’ll discover a nostalgic charm as they proudly display both new and vintage cycling jerseys adorned with autographs throughout the store.

On the date of October 1st, 2020, they joyfully opened their doors to the shop. And shortly after Nyborg Cykler (Bike Shop) gained popularity, leading to its expansion in 2023, doubling its space.

Since the Grand Départ event held in Copenhagen in 2022, Thomas and Nicolaj have experienced a remarkable surge in interest in all forms of cycling, from mountain biking to road cycling and even cradle bikes.

A complete POS solution for Nyborg Bike Shop

As Thomas and Nicolaj began their search for the perfect POS system for their bike shop, they had a clear vision in mind. 

The two cousins prioritized finding a system that not only provided a comprehensive overview of bike repairs and services but also efficiently managed inventory and store sales.

"We chose Bikedesk, because we needed an all-in-one POS system for our bike shop - both in terms of sales and with the bike shop. So it fits all our terms"

And that is precisely why the choice fell on Bikedesk.

After several years of experience in the bike industry, Nicolaj recognized the utmost significance of having a functioning workshop management system with digital workshop tickets to keep track of bike repairs.

What is Digital Workshop Tickets?

In the majority of bike shops, it is customary to document the repair tasks and services required for each customer, which are referred to as a workshop ticket. Our workshop management system streamlines this process, enabling you to effortlessly generate digital workshop tickets categorized by date, status, customer, employee, and more.

He fully understands the pivotal role that a well-organized work structure plays in the overall efficiency of a bike shop.

“The functions we use the most is definitely workshop tickets and inventory management”

Nyborg Bike Shop uses Bikedesk as POS system

The Power of Workshop Tickets and SMS Notifications

At the bike shop, there is no doubt that workshop tickets are the cornerstone of workshop planning. These tickets are utilized to create a comprehensive overview of repairs, sales, and bicycle preparations.

“The calendar in the workshop tickets help us to estimate how much time we have to the different tasks”

Nicolaj particularly appreciates the workshop ticket calendar for its user-friendly interface, providing him with a clear overview of all the tasks. 

Not only does it make workshop management effortless, but it also helps him effectively allocate his time.

“In its essence, it’s a simple system, and it’s easy to use,” adds Nicolaj.

Once the customers’ bikes are ready for pickup, Nicolaj and Thomas promptly send them an SMS notification, ensuring they stay informed about their bikes’ status. 

Moreover, the SMS and service reminder function proves useful in sending timely reminders to customers regarding their repair or servicing appointments.

Simple and straightforward

Overall, Nicolaj and Thomas are delighted with Bikedesk as it perfectly meets all their daily operational needs. The workshop tickets, in particular, have become an indispensable tool in their shop.

“It is simple and straightforward. Even though it may sound very complicated, especially when you need to run both a store and a workshop on the same system. But it is actually very easy and manageable to work with”, says Thomas.

Watch the video with Nyborg Cykler

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Nyborg Bike Shop uses Bikedesk as POS system

Nyborg Cykler works smarter with Bikedesk

Not far from H.C. Andersen’s Odense, you will find one of the oldest cities in Denmark: Nyborg. Here, you’ll find a nice, little, family-owned bike shop called Nyborg Cykler.

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