Intelligent inventory management that streamlines your bike shop

Get an all-in-one inventory management system where you can easily and simply keep track of your products, inventory value, receive new products, reorder, create offers, integrate with your webshop, and much more.

Inventory status

User friendly and cloud based inventory management

Our inventory management optimizes your workflow and increases efficiency, whether you need to keep track of your items on the shelves or the spare parts at the back of the warehouse.

We offer an all-in-one platform with a simple and intuitive inventory management system, where you always have a complete overview of your inventory. Our inventory system is cloud based, this means that both you and your employees have an up-to-date inventory at your fingertips if a customer requests a specific item.

Why you need an automated inventory management

Complete overview of your inventory

We keep you updated with an automated inventory management. That way you're always ensured a full overview

Inventory system that categorizes your products

Retrieve your items, view product information, or find similar products in your inventory.

Synchronize your store and webshop

Save valuable time that can be used however you like, by connecting your webshop with your store.

Inventory management across your bike shop and webshop.

With our inventory system, you can integrate your webshop with your bike shop. This means that every time you make a sale, your inventory is automatically updated.

An omnichannel solution, where sales channels and IT systems communicate with each other, is important. Especially in a time of increasing competition, and where personalized customer experiences are paramount.

We have a strong focus on online inventory management at Bikedesk, so you can quickly synchronize your inventory numbers and easily create products across both your bike shop and webshop.

8 selected features in our inventory system

1. Reserve products for customer cases

2. Efficient inventory management

3. Quickly retrieve your products

4. Get notifications about restocking

5. Bring your inventory everywhere

6. Use your camera as a barcode scanner

7. Integrate with your webshop

8. Create promotional campaigns

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