9 Solutions to Your Concerns When Choosing a POS System

Selecting the ideal POS software can be a thrilling challenge, but fear not. We've compiled answers to the top 9 FAQs to ensure a smooth decision-making journey.
Sales Person in Bike Shop uses POS system to help customer in store.

1. How can I know if I actually need a new POS?

Answer: Working smarter, not harder.

Figuring out when to level up your POS game can feel like diving into a sea of options. 

A simple Google search will bombard you with countless brands claiming to be your perfect match. 

But here’s the real deal – cut through the noise and start identifying your specific needs. 

What are your requirements for seamless daily operations? Are there any administrative tasks that could be streamlined better? 

Because, let’s face it, every day should wrap up with a high-five, not a facepalm. We’re all about working smarter, not harder when it comes to running an efficient and successful bike store business.

2. How can I be sure if the POS is the right fit for my bike store?

Answer: You’ll never find out just by reading.

Taking a leap into the unknown can feel like a wild gamble. 

The questions lingering in your mind, “What if it’s not what I expected?” and “I’m not dropping cash on something that could flop.” 

We know how you feel. It’s way better to be confident from the get-go. 

We’re on a mission to show you how our POS can benefit your business — from online demos to no-strings-attached free trial. Whether you’re up for a solo trial run or craving a personal demo from our squad of experts, it’s that straightforward.

POS system bike shops

3. What if I discover it doesn't align with my needs?

Answer: We’ll tell you if we’re not a match for your bike store.

If you’ve got specific demands that we can’t meet, we’ll shoot you straight. 

The POS system is here to fuel the growth of your bike business, not the other way around. 

We’re all about custom solutions, no matter how complex or niche your needs are. Our system plays nice with almost everything, thanks to the open API in Bikedesk.

4. How do I select the right POS system for my bike store?

Answer: Ask other Bikedesk users – not us.

Want the real lowdown on what it’s like using Bikedesk in your business? 

Skip the sales pitch and hit up those who’ve been using it for a while. Are the features ticking all their boxes? How’s the love for support? And does it play nice with other systems? 

We thrive on customer feedback, both the positive and the gritty – it’s the fuel for our continuous evolution.

Learn why Bikedesk is the coolest POS system for your Bike Shop right here.

“We we have been working with Bikedesk for just over 5 years now. It has truly supported all of our needs from initial start up as a small workshop to present day where we have a thriving multi mechanic workshop and a busy shop floor.”

5. If I'm interested, where do I start? There's so much!

Answer: It can’t get any easier to get started.

Why choose a POS system that requires advanced help for installation and is costly to integrate? 

We mean it when we say the system is user-friendly and easy to start with. Plus, you get a 14-day free trial – no need to drop your payment details. 

If you need help, we have experts you can contact and a vast Help Center with answers to everything.

Easy, right?

6. What about onboarding? Learning a new system can take time

Answer: No worries. We’ll ensure a smooth onboarding process right from the start.

We get it. 

Even the most user-friendly POS system may need a bit of coaching for your employees to rock it. That’s why we put onboarding at the top of the list – ensuring you and your crew kick off on the right foot. 

Our onboarding experts will guide you through setting up Bikedesk flawlessly and training your squad.

Before you know it, you’ll be ringing up those sales like a pro.

7. But what if I have to purchase equipment to get started?

Answer: Use your current hardware.

Got a computer, a receipt printer, or something lying around? Chances are you can recycle that gear. 

Do a quick test – create a free account and see if you can print a receipt or whip up a barcode and scan it. You can read more about our hardware recommendations right here.

Sales Person in Bike Shop uses POS system to help customer pay in store.

8. And what if I encounter an unexpected problem or need help?

Answer: No worries. We’ve got your back.

Need a hand? No problem. Whether you’re the DIY type or crave some expert backup, we’ve got you covered. 

Dive into our Help Center for free videos and guides, or hit up our support team where our expert crew is standing by for assistance via email or live chat. Easy peasy.

9. Okay. I was convinced three points ago.

Answer: It doesn’t have to be difficult to run a bike store business.

Our mission? To make your life a breeze – managing, selling, and keeping track, all neatly packed in one place. 

Now, your time and focus can be where it counts – on your passion, your customers, raking in revenue, and adding value. 

When customers tell us their daily grind is now filled with more sales and extra downtime, we just itch to make your business even more kickass. 

Your move – ready for a sneak peek of the system or fancy a virtual tour from one of our experts?

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