Workshop management with digital tickets for your bike shop

With Bikedesk, you get customized workshop management that offers an overview of your tasks. Our intelligent workshop management system for tickets and cases enables easy tracking of tasks and customers, allowing you to optimize your bike shop.

Every feature. No credit card required.

For tasks and workshop management

Easy and clear list and calendar view of your tasks, cases, and customer orders.

It works on all of your devices

Use the system on both PC, Mac, iPad, Android - and with several employees simultaneously.

Customer history on the cases

All your cases and tasks are automatically saved, so you have 100% access to your customers.

POS system bike shops

Ticket system developed for your bike shop

At Bikedesk, we provide you with the best possible tool for workshop management. It is developed in close collaboration with bike shops, so you get what you need.

Easy workshop management for all of your employees

In the bike shop industry, it is important to be mobile. That’s why, we have ensured that our system offers digital tickets that can be taken anywhere, and with a workshop management that you can use on all platforms.

If there are more than one person in the store, all employees can manage and create tickets at the same time – and on their own computer, phone, or tablet. All 100% online and in an extremely user friendly system that anyone can use.

POS customer service

Satisfy your customers with service, repair and reservations

With our online ticket status feature, your customers can look up the status of their ticket and track how far along it is in the process.

Your customers won’t have to worry about when their repair, reservation, or order is ready for pickup.

This clever feature can be added as an extension to your website and then integrated with your case management system, so that the customer always has unlimited access to their ticket information.

Inventory management

Add products to your ticket

With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily add products from the inventory to your work orders when creating a ticket. The products will then be automatically marked as reserved for the specific ticket in your inventory management system until the ticket is completed. This helps both you and other employees when you need to quickly get an overview of your tickets and inventory.

Ready for payment? Send the ticket to your POS system

When you or one of your employees have completed a ticket for a customer, you can send the ticket directly to payment in the POS system.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Customer service

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