Cykelfavoritten: Bikedesk Helps Us Structure Our Repairs

In the heart of Fyn, you’ll find the city of Odense where Frederik and Niels manage the authentic bike shop, Cykelfavoritten.

There’s no doubt that Cykelfavoritten is the real deal. 

The moment you step into the bike shop, it welcomes you with a genuine passion for a wide range of bicycles. 

Within the bike shop, you find an extensive selection of bicycles and cycling gear from top-tier brands in the industry. 

Additionally, they offer repair services for a diverse range of bicycles.

Small Chain - Big Passion

As you stand in the entrance of the bike shop, you see a small area with signed cycling jerseys, water bottles and rider numbers. 

In the center of the shop, there is a table, with cycling books and magazines that you can dive into while you are waiting for your bike.

Now that’s what you would think is the heart of the shop. But no. The real magic happens on the opposite side of the shop – the workshop. 

Other than the bike shop in Odense, they have five additional bike shops, all of which are located in Jylland.

There’s no doubt that the team behind Cykelfavoritten strives to give their customers the best services and customer experience.

Besides having a capable staff, they use Bikedesk as their POS System to manage their bike shop and create the best possible customer experience.

Cykelfavoritten: Cykeltrøjer

Work Tickets and Tags Create Structure and Overview

Frederik and Niels offer repairs of a wide range of bicycles such as citybikes, electric bikes, cargo bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes and much more. 

This is where Bikedesk is essential – it helps them create structure and gives an overview of their repairs and workflow. 

Here are the main functions for them: Workshop tickets and tags.

“We use a lot of workshop tickets and tags to keep track of how far the various repairs are in the process.”

Upon receiving a bicycle for repair, they create a workshop ticket that includes the customer’s details. 

During the repair tasks, Frederik and Niels utilize the tags to keep track of the status of each individual repair. 

When the bike repair is done and the bike is ready to be picked up, the customers will receive a text, which is sent through Bikedesk POS.

Cykelfavoritten: Bikedesk

The Overall Experience

Besides using the workshop tickets, Frederik and Niels also use the POS System for the daily operations and sales.

“Bikedesk works really well and is easy and user friendly”

He and Frederik had nothing but positive words about Bikedesk. 

The system and its features are working impeccably and provides a seamless experience for them, their staff and customers.

There is no doubt that they will recommend Bikedesk to other bike shops.

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