Integration with Mailchimp

Get an integration that automatically stores your customers’ emails in your Mailchimp account. It’s the perfect way to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Connect your POS system with your Mailchimp account.

Email marketing is without a doubt, one of the most obvious opportunities to improve your relationship with your customers.

That’s why we offer the option to connect our POS system in Bikedesk with your Mailchimp account.

When you create a new customer in Bikedesk, their information will automatically be transferred to one or more mailing lists in Mailchimp.

It’s not only an ideal way to improve the relationship with your customers but also an essential tool to strengthen the marketing of your business. Whether you’re sending newsletters, sharing tips and tricks, requesting reviews, or inviting customers to special events in your store.

Mailchimp integration

Benefits to having a Mailchimp integration

Strengthen your marketing

Take your business's marketing to new heights by promoting to customers who have shopped in your physical store.

Create personalized emails

Strengthen connections by sending personalized emails based on customer behavior and past purchases in your store.

Brug segmenterede kundegrupper

Send tailored emails to segmented groups of customers in your Mailchimp account to achieve the best possible results.


This is how the integration to Mailchimp works

The integration is set up through Zapier, which means you have countless of options to customize the flow that sends the information to a mailing list in Mailchimp.

For example, should customers’ emails be transferred every time you create a new customer in Bikedesk who has also given their consent to marketing? Or should it only be for certain customer groups that you choose?

The possibilities are many, and we are happy to help you.

About Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email marketing service that enables businesses to promote themselves by sending emails. As a retail store, it is a perfect way to stay in touch with customers. Moreover, Mailchimp doesn’t require many technical skills to become proficient – even for the less digitally savvy.

The platform is intuitive, easy to navigate, and after each newsletter is sent, you get statistics and data on the performance on each one.

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