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You are in safe hands as a visitor on our website. Below you will find our data policy, which covers the information we collect to ensure the user experience on our website.



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This website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or similar device in order to recognize it. There are no personal information stored in our cookies, and they cannot contain viruses.

Purpose of cookies

  • Traffic measurement and statistics
  • Saving your settings
  • Targeting of advertisements

How long cookies are stored

Cookies are automatically deleted after a certain amount of months, which can vary. Cookies are renewed after each visit.

How to disable cookies

Here’s guides on how to disable cookies on your browser


Privacy Policy

We process your personal information in accordance with this personal data and privacy protection policy (“Privacy Policy”).

Personal information

Please note that you cannot be a customer at us without providing at least some of the information we request.

We use your personal information to improve our services and offerings, as well as targeting messages, advertisements, and other content to you and/or your company.

Your personal information is not disclosed to third parties unless you have given consent for this.

Access and deletion of personal information

You can contact us at if you wish to access the information we have recorded about you.

If there are incorrect details recorded that you cannot correct yourself or if you have other objections, you can also contact us at

You have the right to have incorrect personal information corrected.

As long as we have an active customer relationship with you and/or your company, we will retain your personal information. If the relationship ends, we will keep personal information as long as we are required to do so according to the law, including accounting regulations.

You have the right to lodge a complaint about our processing of your personal information with the Data Protection Authority. See more at

Modification of our Privacy Policy

If our privacy policy undergoes significant changes, we will provide visible notice on our website.

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